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Good Tidings Deluxe


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"There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor."
—Charles Dickens

An undeniably nostalgic collection inspired by the spirit of the holiday season, from artisan keepsakes to ready-to-snack delights. Designed for a fireside gathering, our Good Tidings Deluxe lends an air of warmth and good cheer to the winter season.

Product Details

Daybreak Chocolate Bar by Simone LeBlanc x Valerie Confections. When night turns to day. Our dark chocolate bar created in collaboration with Valerie Confections studded with bits of her signature almond toffee, toasted almonds and fleur de sel. Packaged to match the exceptional quality of product, using minimal design to highlight the integrity of the ingredients.

Hot Chocolate by Simone LeBlanc. Created in Los Angeles, our Hot Chocolate limited edition offering carries a decadent, rich taste. Perfect to share, the exceptional quality is portrayed with packaging using minimal design. 

Brass Spoon Duo. A thoughtfully simple item designed for daily use; a small, lightweight spoon in beautifully polished, hand-hammered brass. Made in India. 

Kinto Ceramic Short Mug Pairing. These sturdy mugs with a humble yet dignified character. Sturdy and well shaped, it's sure to become the every-morning favorite. Made in Japan. 

Simone LeBlanc Leather & Felt Coaster set. Our leather and felt backed coaster make for a functional - chic gift. Comprised of sophisticated and noble materials that wear wonderfully over time, they gain character and a beautiful age with use. Set of 4.

&Sons Chocolate Covered Almonds. &Sons combines the time-honored techniques of European tradition with the inspiration and creativity of Los Angeles. The award-winning culinary team draw upon the finest cacao and specialty providers from around the world to handcraft each confection. Guaranteed pleasure in every bite.

Simone LeBlanc Pastoral Candle. This hand-poured, soy-wax candle has a light, refreshing scent of basil, jasmine, and bay. Burn Time: 40 hours.

Kinto Wooden Tray. Durable, lightweight and designed to last, this pressed plywood tray with nonslip coating is built to handle all need effortlessly. Minimal, modern design makes it perfect for every home or office.<

Simone LeBlanc Dried Foliage. A keepsake of foraged seasonal foliage (handmade in our studio) to welcome holiday into any home.